Wrinkle filler care with hyaluronic acid microspheres.
Techni Liss Filler is a multi-active anti-ageing product. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines in a single step.
Its formula enriched in hyaluronic acid spheres acts directly at the heart of wrinkles to conceal and smooth them, while exerting a biological action to treat skin ageing.

For specific, occasional action, Techni Liss Filler is the perfect rejuvenating touch-up that is always within reach! Its little added extra: an ultra-smoothing paste that glides, melts and applies just the right amount on the blemish, along with a natural shade that evens out the complexion for a natural-looking finish.

Shadowy areas are illuminated, thanks to its innovative filling texture.

How To Use: Over and above an ingenious and practical everyday product, it's all in the application! Press the tip to release just the right amount of product. Apply the product using the precision tip on wrinkles and fine lines to be camouflaged.

Pump Pen of 10ml

Techni Liss Filler

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