Protective anti-aging face cream with Cell-Protect complex.
Sun Sensi Crème Protectrice Visage Peaux Intolerantes SPF50+ is a comfortable, non-greasy cream that offers perfect sun protection to the skin. This cream protects the skin from UV rays, even in very sunny weather. Its soothing action suits perfectly intolerant skin: this treatment provides close protection for the most sensitive skin. Ideal for light or intolerant skin, the beginning of stay or intense sunlight for all skin types. 
Skin is well protected, hydrated, soft, smooth and comfortable.
Tanning is uniform and long-lasting.
Reactions and intolerances are limited.

How To Use: Apply a generous amount all over the face and neck; repeat every two hours. Crème Protectrice Sun Sensi Visage Peau Intolérantes SPF50+ is ideal for first exposure or extreme and strong insolation.
Thanks to its light non-greasy texture, you can apply it over your foundation.

Tube of 50ml

Sun Sensi Creme Visage SPF50+

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