or almost 70 years, Pâte Grise is the ideal skincare to bring small blemishes to a maturation phase. Anti-blemish secret transmitted from generation to generation, its secret formula Dr Payot works while you sleep to accelerate the maturation of minor sub- cutaneous spots and make them disappear!

Calming sweet almond relieves the skin and locally soothes sensitised areas. The double shale extract regulates sebaceous secretions and encourages the disappearance of regular minor spots.

How To Use: On cleansed skin, apply a thick layer at night locally on small spots using a cotton bud. Use Spéciale 5 in addition to dry blemishes and Stick Couvrant Pâte Grise for camouflage .
To maximize the effect of Pâte Grise all night and protect your sheets (Pâte Grise can stain), protect the area where you applied the product using a small tape.

Pot of 15ml

Pate Grise

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