A Cleansing Gel deeply purifies skin types prone to shine and imperfections.

Enriched with refreshing Grapefruit Extracts which deliver exceptional astringent, purifying and antioxidant properties, Gel Demaquillant D Tox Cleansing Gel eliminates excess sebum, impurities and pollutants.

Bioecolia regulates and restores balance to the skin and Rhodochrosite and Smithsonite Extracts tone and revitalise the skin whilst combatting signs of stress with a relaxing and soothing action. Upon contact with water, Gel Demaquillant D Tox Cleansing Gel becomes a generous foam consistency which thoroughly cleanses the skin and visibly mattifies the complexion.

The perfect cleansing solution for oily, combination and problematic skin types, Gel Demaquillant D Tox Cleansing Gel deeply purifies the skin, leaving it feeling detoxified, healthy, rejuvenated and shine-free.

How To Use: Can be used morning and evening. Gently massage and lather on wet face, avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly with cool water in the morning to wake up your skin; with warm water at night to relax and better remove makeup.

Pump Bottle of 200ml

Gel Demaquillant - Gel Cleanser

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