Oil with extracts of myrrh and amyris.
Elixir dry oil repairs, nourishes, softens and beautifies the body, face and hair, while ensuring long-lasting protection against drying and dehydration.
Perfect alchemy of rare and valuable ingredients (myrrh and amyris extracts, balsamic plants, vegetable oils, rice, hazelnut and almond), Elixir is an accomplice treatment that combines all the efficiency of a care with a velvety texture with exceptional benefits and relaxing effects.
On the body, skin is soft, it is sublimated.
On the face, skin is radiant and perfectly hydrated.
Hair is softer, easier to disentangle, dry ends are repaired.

How To Use: Spray Elixir on the whole body to sublimate skin. On hair, spray focusing on ends. You can also mix few drops of Elixir in your daily night cream, or leave on hair under a hot towel, then shampoo.
Before a night out, spray Elixir to sublimate your legs and offer them a delicate scent.

Spray Bottle of 100ml

Elixir Beauty Oil

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